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About the Chamber


The Englewood Chamber of Commerce (ECC) is a non-profit organization led by business leaders in Englewood, NJ who care about the health and vigor of our community. The Englewood Chamber of Commerce is the eyes, the ears and the voice of Englewood’s commercial, business, professional and industrial community.

The Englewood Chamber of Commerce’s mission is:

  • to promote business growth in Englewood, NJ,
  • to serve our members with personal and professional development opportunities,
  • to affect public policy decisions to the benefit of Englewood, NJ’s business community, and
  • to actively develop and promote community events to enrich the quality of life in Englewood, NJ.

The Englewood Chamber of Commerce is only as strong as the combined voice of its members. To maximize Englewood Chamber of Commerce’s effectiveness and impact for the benefit of the Englewood, NJ business community, we actively seek the participation of every potential member from all types of businesses and organizations including:

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